• A:In Spring Semester, the deadline is at the end of December and in Fall Semester, the deadline is at the end of May.
  • A:Please check the material table required: generally, there are application form, application fee, passport, the highest degree certificate, report card, letter of recommendation (master and doctor is required). Other universities requires the guarantee statement, the passport of guarantor, medical certificate.
  • A:Yes, it is. Students have following choice. The first is to choose the course instructed by English. There are three majors at master degree can be taught in English. The second is to acquire the HSK certificate before enrolling. The third is to have the preparatory Chinese course from one year to a year and a half, when the Chinese level reaches the requirements, then you can enroll.
  • A:The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) is a national standardized examination for testing the Chinese proficiency of Chinese-as-a-second-language learners (including foreigners, oversea Chinese and people of Ethnic Minorities). In Chinese mainland, the HSK examination is held annually. The Chinese proficiency certificate is long-term effective. The grade of HSK is the certificate for oversea students who study in China's colleges and universities, which is valid for two years. (Starts from the date of examination).
  • A:You can submit your application via this online application system. Application fee is necessary when you submit your application. Tuition fee will be paid when you get to university.

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