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The 2014 Badminton Competition

On June 12th, badminton team from School of International Education has achieved the 7th place in the final of the 2014 Badminton Competition of AHU. Besides, Indonesian students BONIFASIUS LUKINDRA and JEFRY LIM have won the 4th and 5th place respectively in men’s single competition.

The badminton team from School of International Education is formed by 7 foreign students from Indonesia and Laos. Although the team is formed within a week and the schedule of the event is very tough, all the students have taken the competition seriously and they have made every effort to fight for the honor of School of International Education. Their excellent achievement has shown the competence of international students in this event since we have achieved a lot in the previous competition.

The winning and losing in the competition is not important as it helps to bridge international students with Chinese students. They established good friendship through the competition.

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