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The 52th Sports Meeting of AHU

April 20-22,the 52th Track and Field Sports Meeting has been held on Qingyuan Campus. More than thirty international students from 11 countries have taken part in the openning ceremony and appreciated the gorgeous performance of the ceremony.

Although there are only 5 international students participating in the games, all the students are very enthusiastic about the event.  “I am very happy to be a part of it.”R ussian student Galina exclaimed after the competition.

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AHU has been Appointed as National Demonstration Base for In

April 30th, according to the notice of Education Department of Anhui Province, Anhui University has been appointed as “National Demonstration Base for International Education”.

Anhui University began to accept foreign students in 1980. It is authorized by the Ministry of Education to enroll international students who enjoy Chinese government’s scholarships. It was designated by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office under the State council the Teaching Base for Chinese Language and Culture in 2000.

School of International Education,founded in 2005,has developed quickly within these years as Anhui University has been upported by the government under the State “211 Project”.The number of international students has grown from 48 in 1999 to 480 from more than 50 countries in 2013. The category of international students has also changed from totally self-supported language students to bechelors,masters and doctors as Chinese Government Scholarship students, Confucius Institute Scholarship students,exchange students,Foreign Government Scholarship students, Anhui Government Scholarship students,etc.

We will regard the appointment of  “National Demonstration Base for International Education”as a good opportunity for further development of internatinal education in Anhui University and try our best for higher attainment.

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Spring Outing of International Students

April 4th, 99 international students, including 8 Confucius Institute Scholarship students have participated in the Spring outing organized by School of International Education.

As the Qingming Festivel is coming, spring outing is regarded as one of the traditional customs in Chinese culture. We introduced  the custom and its background to students through a series of lectures and organized the trip for them to experience the culture in person. They appreciated the beautiful rape flower which is in full blossom, and climbed the steep valley in the west of Anhui Privince. Before they return to Hefei, they have had a happy and interesting picnic in the field.

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Anhui Chinese International Education Research Society

March 22nd,the 1st Meeting of Anhui Chinese International Education Research Society as well as the 6th Anhui Chinese International Education Seminar, hosted by School of Humanities and School of International Education, is held at Anhui University.

The meeting announced that Anhui Chinese International Education Research Society was established and passed regulations of the Society.Prof. Yang Xiaoli, Vice Dean of School of International Education ,has been selected as the President of the Society.

Scholars have also presented lectures of the 6th Anhui Chinese International Education Seminar and taken part in group discussion on Chinese Intrnational Education.

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Confucius Institute Schoalrship Students Celebrate Christmas

December 23rd, 30 Confucius Institute Schoalrship Students have joined the Christmas party of San Li An community.

During the 3 hours party, students have appreciated the wonderful performance of residents of the community and they have also presented songs and dancing.

Through the exchange activity, students have a clearer understanding of Chinese community life and also have the opportunity of introducing their own culture to Chinese people.

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Chinese Drama and Traditional Arts Competition

December 6th, Antigua and Barbuda student AQUIENE  BISHOP has taken part in Chinese Drama and Traditional Arts Competition.He has brought the audience a well-prepared segment of Huangmei Drama “Tian Xian Pei”, which is a classic drama of Huangmei Drama, a traditional drama of Anhui Province. BISHOP has presented a wonderful performance and has been acknowledged by the refrees as well as Chinese students. He ranked the 6th place with a score of 88.88 and was awarded the third prize. He was also selected as the “Most Popular Player”of the competition.

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Championship again in Football Competition

December 2st, in the final of the 2013 Football Match of AHU Men’s football team of School of International Education has beat School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering with a score of 3:1 and thus became the champion of this annual event. It is also the second time that our football team has won the champion after they ranked the first place in last year’s competition.

The team is formed by 20 international students from 12 countries. Although coming from different countries, this “international”team is united and diligent in their training before and after the match. They have won all the matches through the whole event, including four group matches, quarterfinal, semifinal and final.Their excellent skills and fair sportsmanship have been praised by opponents as well as spectators.

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Cultural Trip for Confucius Institute Scholarship Students

October 18th-20th, 29 Confucius Institute Scholarship Students studying in AHU have participated the cultural trip organized by School of International Education,which is part of the cultural programs arranged for Confucius Institute Scholarship Students.

During the three-day trip, students have not only appreciated fantastic show “HUI YUN” which is a representative cultural performance manifesting traditional Hui culture, but also climbed the World Cultural and Natural Heritage Mt. Huang. Through the trip, students could have a basic understanding of Hui culture . They also have to hand in homework related to the trip after they have returned.

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