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Anhui University, a key comprehensiveprovincial institutionof higher education, is located in Hefei, the beautiful capital cityof Anhui Province. Founded in 1928 in Anqing and moved to Hefei in 1956, Anhui University is now a well-developed higher education institution supported bythe government under the state Project 211.Currently, the universitycomprises four campuses and one hi-tech park, covering a total of 3200 mu (213.3 hectares). Additionally,it is equipped with instruments and equipment worth CNY 400 million, and theuniversity library holds a collection of over 3.2 million books. The universityconsists of 26 schools, offering 77 undergraduate majors, 148 master's degreeprograms, 17 specialized master's degree programs, and 48 Ph.D.programs. Besides, it has 8 postdoctoral scientific research stations, 2state key disciplines and 25 provincial key disciplines. At present, theuniversity has about 2500 staff, among whom over 1500 are teaching faculty andover 800 hold professor, associate professor or other equivalent professionaltitles. And students total over 26000, among whom 5597 are graduate students,20235 are undergraduate students, and 1103 junior college students.

The university hasbeen always attaching great importance to international exchange andcooperation. Byfar it boasts 104 sister universities/institutions worldwide, and it hasjointly with some sister universities/institutions established "Korean LanguageTraining Center", "English Language Center", "Japanese Language Center", "St.Thomas Education College", "Latin America Culture Research Center". Besides,the 3+1 and 4+1 programs with the University of Greenwich (UK)progress well, and the 2+2 program with the University of Manchester (UK) and IowaState University (USA) are also being conducted respectively. Moreover, it isauthorized by the Ministry of Education to admit international students underChinese Government Scholarship Programs, and was designated by Overseas ChineseAffairs Office of the State Council as an overseas Chinese LanguageEducation Base in 2000. Till now, it has entered the national program ofjointly establishing Confucius Institutions in Chile, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

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