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Tuition and Other Fees and Costs


each person an academic year (Unit: yuan Chinese currency RMB)

For undergraduates and students of general courses: 12800 yuan

For students of advanced courses:14400 yuan

For master’s degree students: 14400 yuan

For doctoral students: 24000 yuan

For long-term students: 11200 yuan
For short-term students: 700 yuan/week

Registration Fee:200 (each person)


(International Students’ Dormitory, each person a day )

Double room (with air-conditioner, color TV, telephone and bathroom)
For long-term students (longer than 4 months): 25 yuan/day
For short-term students (shorter than 4 months): 60 yuan/day

* Public kitchen and laundry are available


Around 15 yuan each person a day


The international students are required to buy an insurance for 700 yuan per academic.

*All fees are paid in the Chinese currency Renminbi
*Tuition fee is not refundable if the student leaves school before the completion of his studies.
*Costs of transport, medical care and textbooks are at the expense of the students.

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