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Anhui university founded in 1928 in anqing city, at the time.During the Anti-Japanese War, the school was forced to move west, and diaspora, 1946 year after school, for national anhui university.Moved to wuhu in December 1949, after several adjustments, the relocation in hefei in 1956, the school fully restored in 1958 admissions.Is the national "211 project" key construction university, anhui provincial focus comprehensive university.

Existing staff of 2557 people

The teaching staff of 1494 people

Subtropical high more than professional and technical title of more than 800 people

Have and academician, distinguished professor and hired 28

One of the winners of national outstanding youth science fund

National "one thousand project" one distinguished professor

1 state-level teaching masters

Provincial teaching masters 12 people

5 people included in "national pacesetter project" and "national young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution"

5 people in the ministry of education in the new century excellent talents to support plan

9 named "wan jiang scholars" distinguished professor and professor professors

Enjoy the state council and special government allowances of experts, 126 in anhui province

Academic technology leaders 44 people in anhui province

97 people in anhui technical academic leader a backup

64 people in anhui province colleges and universities talents "tenth five-year plan

3 people funding scheme for excellent young university teachers by the ministry of education

2 people get young teachers fok ying-tong education foundation

Teacher force strong, made good preparation for the development of the school.

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